MAY (17) 2020 UPDATE:  Many states across the country are beginning their phased reopening and slowly going back to normal. We at TjohnE are excited to be back at it once again, but be rest assured, we are folding in new precautionary measures for all of our experiential productions so that we may keep your students SAFELY engaged. Below, please find the safety outline for our experiential production, ThinkFast.

New safety procedures for ThinkFast: 

  • Instead of grouping into teams, we have the ability to allow for single play (1 remote:1 participant) for up to 175 participants. This allows for participants to practice social distancing while interacting with the program. 
  • All wireless remotes will be sanitized before and after each program. 
  • Contestant panels will also be adjusted to allow for 6′ separation as to maintain social distancing protocol.
  • For large groups, we will offer multiple augmented programs 
  • Participants who are a part of stage challenges will be required to stand 6′ apart. 
  • Masks will be mandatory for all producers during load-in/out.
  • Contactless load-in for all productions: No technical labor assistance required to produce programs. 
  • All equipment/ vehicles will be regularly sanitized. 
  • Topical safety recommendations/messaging on social distancing in school.

Please note that if your campus has any specific requests regarding safety protocol for outside vendors, we ask that you reach out to your respective agent to ensure compliance and communication to our production personnel. 

We are looking forward to bringing back a “taste” of normalcy and fun to your campus once again! Be on the lookout for future postings in our “News” section on how we’re modifying our other experiential programs to continue to safely engage your students. 

The John Family