January 9, 2013

ThinkFast Interactive Philadelphia High School Championship

This March TjohnE Productions is partnering with Cool Speak, and the Federal “Gear Up” program to produce a high school championship with 12 urban Philly schools. Looking forward to working with Cool Speak’s Ernesto Mejia, who is an amazing motivational speaker. Check out his site at

October 2, 2012

Wolverine and TjohnE team up!

Wolverine World Wide Chooses ThinkFast for United Way Fund Raiser. Last week in Rockford Michigan the WWW employees, and vendors played TjohnE’s ThinkFast and raised thousands of dollars for United Way. Here’s what the WWW organizers said: “Tim, ThinkFast was awesome! I have heard nothing but great things, everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the game. Thanks again for your generous donations, we really appreciate it!” Gail Kirchoff WWW BRANDS

September 5, 2012

Review from NJ

Hi Jaisen, I just wanted to THANK YOU and your team for the AWESOME job they did at Montclair State with our Think Fast program for our Orientation Day. Your staff did an amazing job making our program a success with 3 back to back shows. There energy level for each show stood strong as it was the first show and our students had a great time with the event. This is the first time we introduced an element of this much “fun and excitement” into our orientation day program and it was sure a hit and the buzz around campus. Everything went well from our end and wanted to share with you the feedback and thank you for such a great program. I am sure we will be in touch soon. Mario Rapetti – Montclair State University

September 5, 2012

Governors Highway Safety Office

Recently featured in the Governor’s Highway Safety Office website, an article citing the effectiveness of TjohnE Productions ThinkFast Interactive driving safety awareness program. ThinkFast Interactive’s innovative concept is being utilized in numerous middle and high schools across the country. Unlike many drunk driving simulators that have limited throughput, and no measurable results, ThinkFast Interactive can connect with up to 1000 students in a setting, and delivers measurable results.

September 4, 2012

This just in from Colgate University

In response to a ThinkFast production on campus How has TjohnE, and your sales agent in particular, met your expectations of quality and service from the point-of-sale to the breakdown of your show? – TjohnE exceeded my expectations. The show was easy to book, and the agent responded to emails very fast. The hosts were SO nice and the crowd loved them. The set up looked amazing, and the show went off without a hitch. A great event in our books! Was the crew on-time, easy to work with, and accommodating to your special needs? – Yes, the crew was great! They were so easy to work with. They arrived exactly when they said they would. They were very accommodating and required little help to set up. They were one of the easiest groups I’ve ever worked with. With respect to show production, was the event well received? What kind…

August 28, 2012

Family NEWS

Owners Tim, and Linda John are celebrating their 34 wedding anniversary on September (1). When asked what’s the secret to staying together for 34 years, Tim says “don’t get divorced” ha ha.. The John’s have (2) children, (4) grand kids, and of course their Tango instructors Ziggy & Fat Oliver.

August 28, 2012

ACUI 2012

The entire John family is excited to showcase our new ThinkFast game software, and very cool multi digit wireless remotes at the upcoming ACUI regional conference events: There’s a $500 cash prize, and bragging rights to the winning school. ACUI REGION #1 November (16) 2012 University of Connecticut ACUI REGION #2 November (10) Marist College and SUNY New Paltz ACUI REGION #3 & #4 November (2) 2012 University of Maryland BC, Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University.

August 28, 2012

NACA South & Midwest

TjohnE will also be showcasing the new ThinkFast software/hardware with booth demos at NACA South and NACA Midwest. Stop by to check it out. Prizes for the smartest schools in the marketplace.

August 28, 2012


Each year from every corner of the country we turn down hundreds of requests for our ThinkFast orientation program due to it being sold out. It’s popularity stems from it’s unmatched production value, innovative ability to connect with, and educate incoming freshmen on school policies. Best of all it’s age relevant, and accomplishes the task without insulting their intelligence.

August 23, 2012

TjohnE’s Service Review

CUSTOMER SERVICE is something that is hard to find these days and I appreciate good customer service when I have the experience. I liked the professionalism, the enthusiasm and the hard work from the first phone call, til the last piece of equipment was loaded. They interacted well with the students and staff was great. They made us feel as if we were the only customer they have, which to me, is the secret of good customer service. Lorinda Herrod – Howard College in TX

August 5, 2012

A referral from GA

Jaisen and his family at TjohnE are the best in the business and the easiest going, easiest to work with professionals you will encounter. dd Drew Davis Piedmont College Dean of Student Affairs

June 12, 2012


THINKFAST INTERACTIVE will be making a return engagement to the NUL National Convention in New Orleans this July. A culturally diverse array of teens from across the nation will be competing for bragging rights, and cool prizes in the NUL ThinkFast Championship. President Obama is scheduled to attend as well.