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COVID-19 Update:

Our teams are looking forward to engaging and entertaining college students throughout the country this fall 2021. We’re planning and preparing for brighter days ahead. We can only imagine how much normalcy the students are seeking with school, activities and friends as well — we all are.

Like restaurants and professional sporting events, we're also modifying our existing productions and protocols. We want you to know the ways in which we are able to modify/adjust our sets to allow for social distancing and group number restrictions, as well our procedures for disinfection.

Let us know if you are interested in the tour availability for your area by clicking the "Contact" button in the upper right hand corner of this page or emailing Currently we're planning out all of our August '21 - May '22 national tours!

So, what are we doing to keep your students safe?

All productions:

  • All producers will adhere to client's mask policy during load-in/ out and show
  • Contactless load-in for all productions
  • All equipment/ vehicles will be regularly sanitized


  • Up to 125 small teams or individuals can now compete simultaneously
  • All wireless remotes will be regularly sanitized
  • For large groups, we will offer multiple augmented programs throughout a block of time
  • Contestant panels will also be adjusted to allow for 3' separation as to maintain social distancing protocol
  • Participants who are a part of stage challenges will be required to stand 6' apart
  • Topical safety recommendations/messaging can be built into games


  • Moving to indoor arena setup in order to maintain social distances and a healthy/ safe environment
  • Sanitizing vests/ phasers regularly
  • Limiting number of participants, based on state's regulations and venue space

Casino City:

  • Per client's protocols - Limited # of participants per table/ venue space
  • Augmented setup based on space
  • Gloves available for all volunteer dealers

V-Games VR:

  • Sanitizing equipment
  • Augmented/ expanded setup for social distancing

Brick Wall Drive-in:

  • Perfect event for social distancing!

O2 Bar:

  • Sanitized aromatherapy stations
  • Augments bar size, based on space

All Take-Away Programs:

  • Lines 6' apart
  • Staff in gloves/ masks