Freestyle VDC

Our new FreeStyle dance competition will bring excitement and interest back to dance.

I Just Want To Dance!

Freestyle VDC is our new innovative freestyle dance competition where up to twenty (20) of your best freestyle dancers compete for cash prizes and the huge VDC trophy. The audience votes via wireless remotes connected to our custom integrated software in an effort to create a fair voting system, and it’s game on. This interactive show comes with all the accoutrements needed to produce an exciting night of uninhibited movement to music.

Your Part

Just bring the students to this event, it’ll be the most memorable event of the year.

The Competition

The competition is organized in multiple elimination rounds till there’s two (2) competitors remaining. Those two will compete for the freestyle championship, the cash prize, and the Freestyle trophy.

The Gear

Two (2) twenty foot live action viewing screens, one (1) 10′ dedicated software screen, professional powered sound and intelligent lighting! Wireless ARS keypads for the judges. Custom mixed music with a DJ and a host out front.

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