Massage Therapy


Fast stress relief in the same time it takes for a coffee break. Massage Therapy is an on-site chair massage that consists of a 10-15-minute massage requiring NO oils or removal of clothing. Recipients are seated in a purpose-designed massage chair which allows the therapist to work on the back, neck, shoulders and arms.

On-site chair massage relaxes, but more importantly revitalizes, restoring mental clarity and a feeling of well-being. It helps to balance the effects of stress in our lives thus reducing tension headaches and anxiety.

How It Works

The professional therapists arrive to the designated venue 30-45 minutes prior to start time to set up the chairs and meet the client. The therapists will then begin promptly at show time, each taking one participant and allowing them to get comfortable on the chairs. The individuals will each receive 10-15 minutes of massage. The client does have the option to limit each massage to 5 or 10 minutes in order to accommodate more participants during the time period. Call TjohnE today to book your refreshing, motivating and energizing Massage Therapy date!

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage also helps to avoid stress related disease and dysfunction by:

  • Triggering the Relaxation Response
  • Relaxing Tense Muscles
  • Reducing Anxiety Levels
  • Balancing Energy Flow
  • Improving Immune System Functioning
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and muscle soreness
  • Reduce tension headaches
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase morale
  • Increase resistance to illness

Qualified Practitioners

We offer a team of qualified practitioners, with many years of combined experience, who offer a friendly yet professional and organized service at all times.

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