Brick Wall Drive-In

Features a 10,000 ANSI LUMEN Eiki Power House projector, Pro-Mackie sound with SUB.

Drive In Movie Anyone?

Many people recognize the fun and historic value attached to drive-in movie theaters. Drive-In movies are as American as apple pie, so for those of you who don’t believe that less is more, and especially for those who believe in the philosophy that more is more, TjohnE offers you the highest quality touring mobile drive-in theater with an equally awesome “pound you from your seats” sound system.



  • Eiki LC-X7 POWER HOUSE projector, with a custom short throw lens static at 27′ away from the screen.
  • 10,000 ANSI Lumens bright, at 90%+ uniformity, with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. (Most other projectors are 500:1. As you project to 20′-25′ that is a crucial ratio for overall clarity in your image.)
  • XGA resolution. UXGA ~ VGA and MAC compatible.
  • Compatible with Normal and Windscreen input resolutions up to UXGA and 1080p.
  • Supports both analog and digital computer and video input in all color standards.
  • Four module bays, and optional input modules, for ideal input reconfiguration.
  • Mechanical shutter for true black screen “no show”.
  • Durable inorganic LCD panels permit extended use.
  • Includes both vertical and horizontal lens shift, for optimal projector positioning.
  • 10-bit color processing for superior color reproduction.
  • Auto-advancing 10-exposure cartridge air filter reduces maintenance.
  • Top-accessed filter cartridge and lamphouse permit easy maintenance.
  • Wireless-wired remote control. Full RS-232 compatibility. Optional network control.


  • 1 Mackie SWA1801 powered sub (800 watts)
  • 4 Mackie SR1530 powered 3way towers (500watts/speaker)

Drive-In Screen/Inflatable Frame

Front and Rear screen in a custom brick wall inflatable. The actual viewing screen is 29′ diagonal from corner to opposite corner. The total inflatable Drive-In system size is 27′ wide by 22′ high by 13′ deep.

Added Options

  • Various screen sizes to fit your venue
  • AM/FM Transmitters
  • Closed Caption Service

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