X-Treme Air

Breaking the bonds of gravity and enjoying every minute of it.

Come fly with us!

An original event by any standard, X-Treme Air is an impressive show for both participants and viewers alike. We combined a 1200 HP Detroit Diesel engine to an inverted DC-3 airplane propeller just so we could give your students that special feeling of falling at 120 MPH without the inherent dangers of jumping out of an airplane. To captivate and thrill your audience, we offer professional wind tunnelers that soar upwards of 40 feet in the air performing mid-air acrobatics and other dramatic tricks!

An original event by any standard, X-Treme Air is an impressive show for both participants and viewers alike.

Tim John built, then marketed to colleges and corporations, the first touring mobile vertical wind tunnel in the United States in 1997. Since then, X-Treme Air has been viewed by the entertainment industry professionals as a unique program with unparalleled achievement, consistent success, and the most impressive track record of any production company attempting such a feat. Within the college market, X-Treme Air has been nominated by N.A.C.A. (National Association of Campus Activities) as the “Novelty Event of the Year” four years in a row, and won the A.P.C.A. (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities) “Novelty Event of the Year” two years in a row. It has also won Cameo Magazine’s prestigious Reader’s Choice Entertainment Award for ‘Novelty Event of the Year’. Furthermore, X-Treme Air has been featured in Popular Mechanics, Maxim, and Playboy magazines.

X-Treme Air has performed for corporate clients such as N.A.S.A., AOL/Time Warner, ESPN, U.P.S., and countless colleges across the country. In its 20+ years of operation, X-Treme Air has a flawless record of safety. Come fly with us!

How It Works

The participants are first suited up in a flight suit, helmet, and goggles and then given instructions on how to enjoy this thrilling experience. From here, two of the X-Treme Air crew members will assist the participants into the flight area where they will float on a pillow of air, seemingly levitating in mid-air. The two X-Treme professionals will hold one participant in the middle of the flight area until it is time for the next participant. They will then assist that person out of the air column onto the inflatable pillow and in the same manner brings in the next participant.

Optimal Venue

X-Treme Air incorporates a 1200 HP Detroit Diesel Engine which drives a DC-3 airplane propeller. Between the engine and the propeller it creates a loud environment.

*Call your TjohnE representative for recommendations on producing an X-treme Air event with a noise attenuation system.

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