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ThinkFast is the standard, and by far the most awarded interactive program ever with the various college voting entities since it’s inception in 1995. TjohnE tours five productions of ThinkFast year round, and boast an elite client list of major universities, and community colleges from coast to coast, including NYU, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Colgate, Columbia, and many others. The program’s immense success is due to the concept of wirelessly connecting an entire audience to the game, and basically making all those attending into contestants in our totally interactive game. ThinkFast can be played individually, or in teams.

Our recipe for success is a combination of TFI Software, an extremely talented age relevant host, professional sound and video equipment, and plethora of customized diverse trivia displayed in various media formats. Also during the game we incorporate a verity of mainstream music, and music videos, as well as multiple prize options from gift certificates, and cash options from $200 to whatever you’d like to incorporated into the game.

16/’17 Themes

Pop Culture
Black History Month
Women’s History Month
History of Presidential Politics
Parent’s Weekend
General Awareness
Alcohol Awareness
Title IX
Hispanic Heritage


Our trivia development staff works hard to provide a diverse array of shows, with various degrees of difficulty. Our clients can select from shows in our inventory, or they can request a custom program to fit a specific event. Please contact your representative for details.

Each semester we build multiple new trivia games to accommodate the needs of clients that schedule numerous ThinkFast shows each year. A standard pop-culture ThinkFast show incorporates trivia about such topics as sports, music, TV, Movies, celebrities, general entertainment topics, and pop icons, as well as academic topics like art, literature, science, math, geography, and history. All ThinkFast shows also incorporate a minimum of 6 Top 40, Urban, Rock or Mainstream Radio music videos that challenge participants with related questions. Also included in the array of content are “ThinkFaster’s” where the participants must answer five (5) questions each worth 1000 points, in four (4) seconds.

We also incorporate ESP style questions into the game, that’s when we survey an audience, then follow up with a question as to what the audience answered in the previous survey question. Example: What’s more important, book smarts, or street smarts? After the entire audience has voted, we follow up with the ESP style question. Of the 92 accumulated votes, how many players said book smarts? The players who guessed the actual amount would receive 1000 points, and descending point values for those who came close. Great way of exposing social norms.


TFI SOFTWARE: This fall we’ll incorporate new features into the game that will take the interactive experience to an entirely new level. We’ve designed, and developed the next generation TFI Software that offers numerous unique, and innovative styles of questions, video, and images. Not to mention ESP style questions.

Whether you’ll be experiencing the new TFI software features for orientations, educational awareness events, team building, or just intellectually stimulating games, be assured you’ll find them to be an exciting, and challenging addition to the show.

To accompany the new TFI Software, we’ve purchased the new Reply Multi Digit wireless controller to utilize all the new features of the software. With LED display you’ll see scores, results and interact with the game like never before.


A standard college ThinkFast set is comprised of a 40’ back drop, two rear projection screens that are set up near each corner of the back drop, and a contestant panel that is planted between the two projections screens. Professional speakers are positioned on the outside of each projection screen. For night shows, we use sound activating lighting to enhance the ambiance. This set-up ensures that large audiences will be capable of viewing the screens and the game throughout the show.

Alternative staging, and optional screen sizes are available from 10′ x 10′ to 27′ and 30′ diagonal. Please contact your representative for details.

Larger Set Concepts


    1. Editor
      October 17, 2016

      Thank you for the follow-up. Everything went really well and the families loved the show! As usual, it is great working with you all.

      Also, Family Weekend will move to November next year and will be November 10-12. Will you pencil us in for either Friday or Saturday of that weekend? I don’t know what day yet as it will depend on the men’s basketball game day/time.


      Kaitlin Cicchetti – George Mason University

    2. Editor
      October 17, 2016

      The show was definitely a FUN!!! This was the first time I got to experience the show. The parents and students gave great reviews about the show as well.

      Thank you!!

      Sonia Wilson – William Paterson University

    3. Editor
      October 13, 2016

      I loved ThinkFast and the whole crew. The crowd enjoyed it, and the e-board loved it as well. I’m thinking of having you all again. (:


      Jamear Jackson – GA State Univ

    4. Editor
      October 5, 2016

      We had a really great time with the game show last night. You crew was very professional and easy to work with. The students who participated had a great time, and those who just watched enjoyed themselves as well. Thank you guys for making this event so easy and fun. I look forward to having TjohnE back on campus next month for Laser Tag!!

      David Gehrels – Schreiner University

    5. Editor
      October 3, 2016

      The event was wonderful! All the students were super engaged and had a wonderful time! The crew was super easy to work with and set up was a breeze! Always love working with you!

      Thanks for everything!


    6. Editor
      September 26, 2016

      It was a success! He said it was high energy and that the students seemed really engaged the whole time. The hosts kept everything moving and there was a line waiting to get in, which says a lot! I dropped the check in the mail this afternoon, so you should see it soon. This sounds like something we will want to do again!

      Laura Peterson – University of Notre Dame

    7. Editor
      September 26, 2016

      John was great and it was awesome! Everyone who came really enjoyed themselves.


      Caroline Crane – Longwood Univerisity

    8. Editor
      September 26, 2016

      The only feedback I have is positive feedback! Rob and Brandon did a fantastic job without any issues or errors. They were great to talk with, great with the crowd, great customer service. We really loved having them!

      Nicholas M. Wagner – SUNY Delhi

    9. Editor
      September 26, 2016

      How has TjohnE, and your sales agent in particular, met your expectations of quality and service from the point-of-sale to the breakdown of your show?

      – Everything has gone smoothly…always a pleasure to work with you all!

      Was the crew on-time, easy to work with, and accommodating to your special needs?

      – The crew was on time, friendly, and engaging with the students. Did an excellent job!!

      With respect to show production, was the event well received? What kind of feedback did you receive about the event?

      – Our students have gotten to where they recognize this event and it has become a great tradition!

      Is there any area within our company that you feel needs improvement? How can we do better for you? All constructive criticism welcome!

      – I cannot think of anything…

      Do you feel that you got what you paid for?

      – Yes for sure! This event is a great way to sneak some educational trivia into the event while the students are having fun.

      Would you work with TjohnE again? Why?

      – Absolutely! The event is fun and interactive, but doesn’t require a lot of volunteers on our end which is helpful because we are a small team. We are also on a limited budget, so this is something exciting and interactive we can bring for our students that fits in our budget. Always a hit!

      Shelby Coxon – Metro CC

    10. Editor
      September 22, 2016

      Awesome show! Loved the event as always and will have you back!!

      Amy M. Slater, MA – Metro CC

    11. Editor
      September 22, 2016

      It went well! The students loved it! We were thinking about doing something for Chinese New Years Think fast for next semester.

      Thank you!

      Monica Dixon-Howard – HACC

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