TjohnE Productions TRONsystem CUBE and CUBE XL are the most sophisticated twelve (12) person computerized laser game productions available anywhere in the US. Take that to the world bank. We utilize only professional grade “Lasertron” equipment out of Buffalo, New York. What makes TRONsystem so amazing is that it incorporates the best gaming technology into the largest mobile playing structures ever devised…period!!

This is not your typical college market laser game system where students run around aimlessly shooting in small inflatable tennis shoes, rather it’s a professionally produced team sport that requires keen strategy, and features real time scoring. To ensure your student buds an exciting and unique experience, we’ve focused our game features on the interaction between players. We’ve  integrated seriously high tech Lasertron gaming vests with shoulder speakers, and versatile two-handed phasers with multiple laser options. Just add heart pumping music, immense strategic lighting, haze or fog, and when needed our ever intimidating TRON Terminator. TjohnE Productions high-tech TRONsystem creates a successful event that your students will not soon forget.

TRONsystem is a software based entertainment event with over 250 different gaming options! Some of them are: Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Lone Riders, etc. With each game, the objectives change, so you may choose to utilize several different games during the event to keep the event fresh for new and returning participants alike. Vests now have the ability to change into 4 different colors. Students love the 4 team competition! Now all phasers have display screens which allow participants to change their vest game play during the actual game.



Comes in the most massive inflatable structure on the market, measuring 70’ wide x 50′ deep x 12′ tall and giving participants 3500 sq ft of playing space!! Once inside the TRON CUBE XL up to 12 players per game execute their strategy by making moves around various soft obstacles, while TRONsystem’s immense special effect lighting creates an amazing star wars-like atmosphere.


Comparable to the Dome featured previously by TjohnE. TRONsystem CUBE is 35′ wide x 50′ deep and 12′ tall giving the participants 1,750 sq ft of playing space. All special effects and targets included!

Although our mobile facility is constructed for outdoor use, the conditions must meet our criteria as we cannot set the structure up in adverse weather conditions. The environment must be dry (no mud, soft or wet ground). To ensure your event is a success, we always recommend securing an alternative indoor location for those events scheduled outdoors.

TRONsystem “Open Arena”

In our effort to accommodate colleges without large, and available venue options, we offer our clients our TRONsystem “Open Arena”. Requiring less room height, the open arena can be produced in a 40′ x 40′ with 10′ height venues. It also offers a unique spectator component to the game.  We bring in all the Lasertron technology, and use inflatable barricades as obstacles.


    1. Editor
      August 26, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE XL
      Was the crew on-time, easy to work with, and accommodating to your special needs?

      - yes

      Do you feel that you got what you paid for?

      - yes

      Would you work with TjohnE again? Why?

      - Yes. Always great service.

      Elise Michaux – Seton Hill University

    2. Editor
      August 18, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE
      The students loved the event.

      Thank you!

      Amber Lesicko, M. Ed.

    3. Editor
      August 16, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE XL
      Awesome as always! Mike was especially wonderful as he super accommodating when had to move the movie indoors. Sam let me know that TRON had been updated and better than ever! Of course, it was the show stealer as always. Mind games was also a major hit and would love to keep it in our TJohnE Welcome Weekend family!

      When the dust settles, I will be in touch to firm up those Family Weekend plans!

      Thanks a million!

      Charlie Watson – Fairmont State Univ

    4. Editor
      April 28, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE
      It was great and the event went better than planned! All the students had a great time and want to bring it back possibly next spring.

      Caroline Crane – Longwood University Class of 2018

    5. Editor
      April 26, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE
      It was great! The students loved the cube this year. There was a pretty steady turnout throughout the day, too.

      Thanks again!

      Christina Corsi – Lakeland Community College

    6. Editor
      April 26, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE XL
      Was the crew on-time, easy to work with, and accommodating to your special needs?

      - The crew was on-time and very easy to work with. We had some accommodations we needed for getting the Cube XL equipment into the ballroom. They were flexible and professional. We had an insane number of students at the event, and they worked with us throughout the event to customize games so we could get more people through. They were absolutely phenomenal.

      With respect to show production, was the event well received? What kind of feedback did you receive about the event?

      - The event was very well received. We had to turn people away we had such a turnout. The only feedback we have received is all-day laser tag and multiple arenas. :)

      Is there any area within our company that you feel needs improvement? How can we do better for you? All constructive criticism welcome!

      - None I can think of!

      Do you feel that you got what you paid for?

      - Absolutely, this is something we hope to do again in the future.

      Nicholas Katz – Western Illinois University – University Union

    7. Editor
      April 25, 2016

      TRONsystem CUBE XL
      Good Morning,

      I’m doing well and I hope you are! The lasertag was amazing. We had some power issues on our end early, but the crew was great in helping and working with us and once we got everything figured out it was the most exciting and eye-catching part of our event!

      Thank you so much for helping to make this one of the most exciting and entertaining semesters for our students and I look forward to working with you all again (especially since we have tons of students already asking when you guys are coming back)!

      Darrius Barrow – East Carolina University

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